There are lot of blood and action anime which you can sort out using advance genre filters of anime   websites . But this method will only give you names of anime with blood , irrespective of the story . There are anime with action and blood but with very uninteresting story line.So , here the thing you were looking for :- 

10. BERSERK :    An anime based upon manga series by Kentaro Miura , takes you to the world where the Kings are  shitty and his advisors are  are even shittier , just like the reality was in our past .

But along with this , this anime has dark magic , wars , not to mention FIGHT and lot of blood. It has a very good story plus some great action by a gutsy guy named Guts whose sword is probably larger than him . But this anime was made in year 1997 , so you can't expect great animation  but story is worth trying . And about animation , it is better than animation of that time . 

09: HELLSINGFirst off, this is a dark, dark show. No goofy love triangles, no harems, no magical girls or weird special attacks with silly names. This anime is on vampires .

Hellsing has tons of great atmosphere, cool characters, and lots of guns-blazing action. That said, it may also be a bit too much for some audiences. A few members of T.H.E.M. were unable to watch certain scenes because of the graphic content. One villain was so blatantly foul-mouthed that he's even bleeped out in the Japanese television broadcast (ouch), and even though there is no nudity, there is enough sexual content to rate this solidly in the "adults only" category of anime .

08: BLACK LAGOON : Feel the environment of city filled with Drug Dealers , mafia , criminals who have committed every offence possible  .

Anime filled with gun fights , so obviously blood ,foul language , pissed of mafia , awesome delivery company who work for those people and kick their ass whenever needed and a guy stuck between all this without his will .  (The guy is Japanese) .Overall , great story , great fight scene .

07: BTOOM! : This is Bloody cousin sister (not sister)of anime SWORD ART ONLINE  . In this anime , people are abducted upon the will of the people who hate them and are forced to play a game on an island . So ,this has game but not online . 

In the game , people have to blast of each other, hence the name BTOOOM! from Booom ! sound . It has a blonde girl with boobs who is about to be raped , people blasting off , thrill of playing video game in real life and a lesson that family is really important . 

06: GANGSTA : This anime like newer version of black lagoon with better animation and proof of anime concept that Sword is always better than gun , which was not in Black Lagoon. 

The concept of super human like people is really intriguing  . Along with this , you get the bonus of cool fight scenes,  mafia , drug dealers , prostitutes with sex scenes (really), woman abuse and policemen who can't handle illegal stuff so the leave the work for two missionaries .

05: Elfen Lied: First few moments of Elfen Lied are considered to be bloodiest in anime history .This is one of those anime which makes you hate humans . 

It has romance , love trio , blood , fights and FEELS . So if , you'r one of those , this anime is not meant for you . Genre of this anime is horror , ecchi , action , romance . Yes , ecchi too . It has scenes of bare boobs , and girl peeing that is enough to make it to the list of adult anime. 

04: PSYCO-PASS : The world where crime can be stopped before it happens . Sounds like a movie , don't it . Yes, Hollywood must have copied the concept .  These people uses device that can read brain waves and index that . A number above a certain index is considered dangerous for society and that person is killed , rather blasted on site .
But what happens when a person can control his brain waves . He can kill a woman in middle of the road and people would think that it is a circus show . 

03: AKAME GA KILL!:  At the start of anime , you'll say , ' wow , such an ideal anime , with an ideal hero ' and at end , .........  wait , this sentence can be a big spoiler . 

This anime has one thing in abundant , that is FEELS , blood and makes you wanna break your laptop screen if you are watch on laptop . Any further intro can turn into a spoiler , so go ahead and watch first 2 episode and you'll know what we mean .

02:TOKYO GHOUL:  A world where man eating creatures roam around and eats you up if you happens to go in any dark corners and , even then you can't say for sure that what they are doing is wrong .

An anime filled with blood , lots of blood and scenes that'll make you wanna vomit your evening snacks . A very intriguing story about a guy who is half of both , human and human eating creatures , Ghoul .

01: ATTACK ON TITAN :  Probably , you are thinking , ' I have already watched this anime ' , well why not . This is one of the best anime of all times . Almost every anime fan above 18 have watched this . Even so , we have to put it on our list because this is just so awesome .

A world where humans are trapped inside walls due to the fear of large giants that eat humans to eliminate humans .Watch humans struggle for survival as they find new mystery behind these monster and prepare yourself to add your name in the list of fans who are waiting for second season to come out from last 2 years . 

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