How to bring anime girl closer to real life ?

You know you are an otaku when you have your own waifu . They are adorable . We love them so much and wished they were real .With the advent of more sophisticated technologies , it can be possible to interact with you waifu . 

For that we need to understand 2 things - 
1. Our Waifu need intelligence , at least as much as to interact with a person ( not super intelligence).
2. Our waifu need a form through which they can interact with us . 

Intelligence part -
1 . Artificial intelligence : This is hot technology these days . OpenAi's Bot ( Elon musk's company) defeated world class Dota Player . Google's deepmind (AI ) defeated Go game champion . Go game have more configurations than number of atoms in universe. We have began to create voice and faces using AI [for more , read HERE and HERE]. But we would not want something like " apple's siri " to be our waifu . That's not kawaii enough . But believe me , just in couple of years , AI is going to advance so much that it could interact with humans in the manner that we otakus want ( just like you beloved waifu ).
2. Creating brain : Okay , this is sci-fi and perhaps not going to happen till next 100 - 300 years , but still it is an option . But if we could create brain , we could also create body and our complete waifu ( just too good to be true ) .

Now , our waifu need a form . Here are some way  -
[ " Our animation technology is quite advance , so no need to worry about that ."]

1. Virtual reality 

How about seeing your waifu with a virtual reality ?

2 . Augmented reality :
We have already experience merging of anime with real life via pokemon go , but it was quite dull . But no worry , augmented reality is just getting started . Check out THIS  for more . In short , holograms .

What a waste , we still can't give a touch of love to out waifu !!! . Well , worry not , next option is good .

3 . Silicon robots :
Currently , robot technology is not so advance but it is going to change . i don't want to bore you with details , so i'm writing in points .
a . Stronger and long lasting battery are emerging .
b. Processors keep getting faster and cheaper .
c. Nano technology is about to show it's impact .
Side note : Silicon is a material which is used to make flesh like substance . These are used to make human like dolls for crash testing , also used to make *** dolls ( LOL ). High cost figurine are also made using this silicon.

now , mix AI with any of the three forms , you have your beautiful loyal charming waifu .


Upload your brain on network . This idea is exactly same as depicted in Ghost in shell , Matrix and Sword art online . Our technology have not advanced so much but we are working on it and it is certainly possible .Even Elon musk says we might be living in simulation , so why not create a simulation even better and live in it .  For more on this technology , read HERE .

Thank you

Do you have any other ideas ? Please let me know .

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  1. Actually, we do have the technology to create a brain and body, but stupid ethicist hold us back from doing so. Still, I wouldn't say that's the biggest hindrance; we don't know (yet) how to make a brain the EXACT (major emphasis on that) way we want it to be. What this means is that we could potentially end up with a brain that's not "to our liking" and we would want to dispose of. I don't know how people are going to react to that, but if the brain showed conscience and normal human intelligence then, I imagine, the scientists that wants to dispose of it are going to become VERY unpopular very quickly.

    So basically, the real problem right now is that we don't know enough about the brain yet, and questions like "How many neurons needs to be in X spot and how big does Y spot need to be?" needs to be answered. Before we understand the human brain 100%, we might just end up being forced to creating a near infinite number of brains in search of the one true perfect waifu brain. Ethicists prevent us from doing such "unholy experiments" (as they probably call them) which further increases the amount of time we have to wait before waifus are made real because our understanding of the human brain would surely increase even if we made a bunch of non-useful brains.

    Lastly, it doesn't help how a lot of people fear or hate on GMOs for no rational reason, as we are going to need genetic engineering if we want our waifus brought to life.

    Does all of this make me seem like a mad scientist? XD

  2. Agree, you delusion motherfucker

  3. Good Post Thanks For Sharing My Comment