AMV's By Monkey Majik

AMV's - Anime Music Videos give a different feel to music . It make the music relatable , specially to anime Fans .There are tons of AMV on youtube . Some are very popular even when they are not SO good , some are not popular even though they are Good . Why is that ?

It's all because of publicity and smart methods of increasing link juice for search engine opimization , in other words , doings things so that google shows them first . Unfortunately , not all people know Search engine Optimization . Here is my tribute for them by posting these beautiful AMVs in my post .

I love Mokey Majik songs . If you have watched Nura : Rise of Yokai Clan , it's opening song is sung by this band . 

AMV - Hakuouki - Mokey Majik Mahou no Kotoba

Sakura - Monkey Majik AMV

If you have any AMV in mind which you think deserve more respect , please give the link in comments :D


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